Asset Management

As your property portfolio grows we can work with you to make sure that you have the expertise, systems and knowledge in place to understand how your stock is performing, plan the strategic development of your assets and maximise your investment.

Why use BMA?

  • Our asset management team has experience of working with both private and public investment clients
  • A personalised approach and flexible solutions means that we can take the risk out of deciding where to invest
  • We can advise on the strategic growth and portfolio rationalisation, including refurbishment and major works
  • Using the latest software we can provide you with data analysis to shape your longer term investment programmes
  • Our knowledge across all property functions means we can deliver a comprehensive and joined up approach
  • From stock data analysis through to full net present value calculations our flexible approach means we can deliver a solution that meets your exact needs
  • Understanding your business and objectives is vital which is why we will ensure we maintain a one-to-one relationship with you.

We can

  • Analyse your existing assets
  • Create a strategy to maximise your investment
  • Manage risk
  • Monitor, report and advise on your portfolio.

…plus a whole lot more.

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