SO DIYSO - DIY Shared Ownership

If you're a local authority looking to instantly increase your housing stock with the right mix for your residents then this new shared ownership product is for you.

As a Local Authority you need to maximise your resources to provide the right mix of housing to meet the needs of your residents.

Not only that but you probably face the added challenges of having to:

  • Provide enough suitable housing to local residents
  • Reduce the rental demand
  • Increase the housing stock available in your constituency
  • Balance your finances and make the best use of all available funding
  • Be innovative in discovering new ways to meet your strategic objectives.

Why Offer SO DIYSO?

  • Instantly increases your available housing stock. You don’t have to wait for a new development to be completed
  • Allows you to flex the mix of stock depending on demand or strategic importance i.e. families, single people etc
  • Gets local people onto the housing ladder
  • Removes people from your home waiting lists
  • Uses Right to Buy receipts
  • Helps with financial planning
  • Brings new stock into the market without the average 2-year lead time for new build
  • Helps you to draw down grant funding.

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